Carrie A. Keller

Artist  |  Oil Painter 

Carrie's art journey begins at the age of eight with oil painting lessons from her professional artist uncle, “Gerald Rowles”, in her birthplace, Bakersfield, California. She continued art instruction after moving to Windsor, Ontario with noted artists Airika B. Dalen and Bod Monks until she joined the military as a cook. Her art education was then supplemented with evening classes in Calligraphy, Watercolor, Pastel and various drawing methods.

She began giving lessons herself in Petawawa, Ontario where she left the military to pursue her art full time. The teaching continued in Germany at the military base, Lahr and her education was furthered with a summer semester in Aix-en-Provence, France.

In both Petwawa and Germany Carrie was asked to paint large interior and exterior murals so when moving to Cape Coral, Florida she set up her business, “Paintings to Order”. She made her living for the next twenty years doing murals and commissioned paintings. Her paintings were until recently on display at both Frame Gallery and Gifts and Lorne’s Gallery in Cape Coral.

Carrie A. KellerCarrie followed her heart back to Canada and resides with her husband, John, in Winchester, Ontario. She’s come full circle in her art with the majority of her paintings again being done in oil. She teaches courses and Open Painting classes as well as entertainment paint nights. Carrie is the author and illustrator of four children's books and illustrator of four other books including her daughter’s.

Danielle Branchaud, her daughter, is a well known surrealist artist living in Ft. Myers, Florida.